"I remember what it's like to start a fight with someone just because. To stand there screaming the f-word, self-righteous, because you get off on
the drama. To dare someone to hit you in the parking lot. It's a side of girlhood - and maybe a class-specific side of girlhood - that isn't represented
that often, and often isn't represented in such a sympathetic way. This is, first and foremost, a movie about female "toughness" - the toughness of
physical fights - of being so hard that nothing can hurt you, because there's a world of hurt waiting outside the front door."




"Never has the phrase "caught on camera" been so literal... A film by Garry Sykes called LXHXN, and brilliantly subtitled "A War Movie", is made
entirely of footage of Lohan found on YouTube. There are home movies, movies, live appearances, talk show interviews, infrared surveillance,
news stories and court tapes. And there's only one conclusion to be drawn from watching it: however much she has colluded,
Lohan's life has been a persecution."

(2014, excerpt)