Low Rise
(Short, Graven Images, 2018)

Drunken Butterflies
(TV/Feature Film, Rockhopper Productions, 2014/2018)

(Short, Graven Images/Rockhopper, 2016)

The Owls Are Not What They Seem
(3 x shorts, Lemonade & Laughing Gas/Blanch & Shock Food Design, 2016)

Julie Reverb - 'No Moon'
(Book Trailer, Calamari Archive, 2015)

Shape Worship - 'Isla'
(Music Video, Graven Images, 2015)

Mickey Gloss - 'Right Kind Of Love'
(Music Video, HBadger Records, 2013)

Asher Roth - 'Pass That Dutch'
(Lyric Video, with 'Chuck Indian', MOCATV/Schoolboy Records, 2013)

(Feature, Graven Images, 2013)

Buttonhead - 'Lucerne'
(Music Video, Horse Arm Records, 2012)

Moon Gangs - 'Sky'
(Music Video, Sexbeat Records, 2012)

Battlekat - 'He Didn't Want A Love Song' (Dreamtrack Remix)
(Music Video, Good Tape Records, 2011)

Teeth & Tongue - 'Rot On The Vine'
(Music Video, Remote Control Records, 2011)

Shape Worship - 'Super Multiples'
(Music Video, Graven Images, 2011)

Producer / Other

'Home Truths'
(TV Documentary, Rockhopper Media, 2018) - Producer

'Summer In The Forest'
(Feature Doc, Randall Wright/R2W Films, 2017) - Assistant Producer & Poster Designer

'Fifi Chachnil: Pretty En Rose'
(Feature Doc, Angelique Bosio, 2014) - Location Camera

'Curiosity: Megastorm'
(TV, Discovery, 2012) - Producer

'Programme X' & 'The Dreamy Awards'
(Feature Doc, Ed Fornieles/Serpentine Gallery/BBC, 2012)
- Associate Producer & Editor

'Bruce LaBruce: The Advocate For Fagdom'
(Feature Doc, La Chat Qui Fume, 2011) - Location Camera


Choked Pipes
(Broadcast Doc, Rockhopper TV, 2015)

Black Gatsby - 'In The Dark'
(Music Video, Emily-Jane Robinson/Emmyland Studio, 2015)

Black Gatsby - 'Emily-Jane'
(Music Video, Emily-Jane Robinson/Emmyland Studio, 2015)

'The Home Of Fabulous Cakes'
(TV, Big Bark/ITV1, 2012)

'The Health Show'
(TV, Rockhopper/BBC World, 2011)


'I Spent Ten Years Taking Photos of Lost Cat Notices'
(Photography, VICE Magazine, 2014)


Still Corners - 'Cuckoo'
(Sleeve Design, Sub Pop Records, 2011)

Still Corners - 'Don't Fall In Love'
(Sleeve Design, Great Pop Supplement Records, 2011)

'The Pictures'
(Dalston-based monthly short film screening night & zine, 2007-2011)

& misc freelance
FHM, BFI, Reel Islington & more

Prior Experience:
BA&MA Film